Are you satisfied with your name?


Are you satisfied with your name?

I Nikita 13 years old male am satisfied with my name.

And what would you like to be called.

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I Nikita 13 years old male am satisfied with my name.

Then congratulations!!

I can’t complain about my name.

My first name is very rare but wild and I am very happy with my name, above all I have felt more than 1000 nicknames. It couldn’t be better.

I have a first name that is not so common, but I am still satisfied when I sometimes read what names parents give their children when you sometimes have to think about it, male or female.

But you don’t always have to divide everything into male or female immediately. There are many people who live between the sexes and who would like to have names that you don’t immediately know whether they are men or women.

You’re right, didn’t even think about it.

I am trans and so also born in the wrong body that is totally wrong and of course the name does not fit because it does not correspond to my desired gender.

You can see it on your PB. Good luck in life 😔

I am completely satisfied with my name Manuela.

What a beautiful name 😍 that’s also the name of my history teacher.

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To all teen girls: are you happy with your names?

I just care how tall you are on average at my age. I am female, just turned 13 and 1.62. If you are younger than 13 and under, do not tick anything; if you are younger and taller, tick larger.

I think I have a special name: my name is Suma.

How do you like the name? (Please be honest: D.

Do you find the name special?

I ask because Nikita can be both male and female.

Hey;) I was just wondering how old are you all? I’m just interested in which people answer my questions.

Hey, I’m 13 years old and male and I have a heart valve defect and I wonder if it could be because I haven’t been growing for 2 years. So that the error affects my size.

Does it suit you, what do you think when you meet others with the same name?

(optional addition: what’s your name?)

Both come from Russia.

Meaning Nikita: In Russia Nikita is a common male first name. Nikita is entered as a man’s name in the International Handbook of Given Names, which the registrars use in Germany. The name is derived from the Greek personal name Niketas (Νικητας) “the winner”.

Meaning of Philip: name meaning. The name Philip is derived from the Greek name Philippos. This includes the Greek words “phílos” (= “friend”) and “híppos” (= “horse”).

The name means “horse lover”.

Hello I am 13 years old and male And since about 5 minutes my left breast is extremely hot What is that? Cancer, for example. ((I also have a primer right now and I feel very bad)

I’m currently writing a fanfiction and need two and third names for it. I’ve already thought of some and just have to choose between these options:

It’s about 4 girls named Ella, Mila and the twins Luna and Liah.

Ella is 8 years old, has brown curly hair and brown eyes.

Luna is 6 years old, has light blonde shoulder-length curls and blue eyes.

Liah is 6 years old with dark blonde, straight, shoulder-length hair. she has brown eyes.

Mila is 3 years old, has blonde, wavy hair and blue eyes.

There are 2 options:

Relatives’ names: Ella Kathrin (godmother) Julia (mother) Luna Vivienne (godmother) Sophie Liah Theresa (godmother) Marie Mila Leyla (godmother) Hannah (grandma) Other names: Ella Amelie Victoria Luna Emilia / Emily Sophie Liah Elena Marie Mila Olivia Luisa.

Which option would you take?

I’m just thinking about my extraordinary first name and wanted to ask if you are happy with yours?

I’m actually quite happy with my first name. Of course he’s very, very extraordinary and there isn’t a single person with my name like me and that’s no joke. Sometimes I am often written to “Mr.” instead of “Ms.” when I receive an email, but now I can only laugh about it. When people find out that my name is my name, they are all so confused, but they also often pretend I picked this one. haha Was bullied because of that too, but as I said, now I don’t care about anything and I can say for myself that I’m satisfied with him.

Even now, when asked, I was asked whether my e-mail was correct, because the name was extraordinary, which made me smile again.

Also, would you ever have your first name changed? I don’t because it’s just a name and that’s just my identity. I’m looking forward to answers. 🙂

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