Control Spotify volume?


Control Spotify volume?

So I want to run Spotify on one cell phone and control the songs and volume with another cell phone. The fact is that I want to connect one cell phone to a system via Bluetooth or cable and then want to use the other cell phone as a remote control, because if I only use one cell phone I can’t walk far away or have to leave it lying around.

When I listen to Spotify on my PC, I can control the volume with my cell phone, but it doesn’t work from cell phone to cell phone. I’m doing something wrong?

The same Spotify account is on both phones and they are also on the same WiFi.

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I can’t tell you exactly whether this is the solution, but Spotify has an option in which you can choose which device you want to use to listen to. Other cell phones, laptops, Chromecasts, for example, will then be sent to you. suggested try it.

similar questions.

I have two Android phones and would like to start my music (Spotify) on one phone via Bluetooth and play it on the other. So: Handy 1 with Spotify as a controller and Handy 2 as a Bluetooth speaker.

(Please don’t tell me to search Google because I’ve already done that.)

I hope you can help me 😉

I have a Huawei P9 and sometimes listen to music via bluetooth with headphones or in the car (also with bluetooth). Both on the headphones and in the car there is a button for “previous song” and “next song”.

Strangely enough, this function no longer works. Playing music (mainly via Spotify) works but I can only control it from my mobile phone.

Does anyone have an idea why this may be?

How can I control the volume on my PC or tablet on Spotify from my mobile phone via Spotify connect?

Hello. I’ll be going on a school trip with my class soon. We are not allowed to take cell phones with us, but we would still like to listen to music.

For this we would need a device that can play songs from Spotify and can connect to a Bluetooth speaker. Should also cost less than 50 €. Thank you.

Is there a remote control app with which I can control the sound via Bluetooth. I use a Logitech bluetooth adapter. So I don’t have to get up every 5 minutes to change the volume while watching movies.

Is there a way to stream my PC sound to my cell phone? I would like to connect my system (which supports Bluetooth) to Spotify. My first approach was to simply connect the PC to the system via Bluetooth. However, this does not work due to a missing driver update.

So I thought I would just connect my cell phone to the system via Bluetooth and stream the sound from the PC to the cell phone and from there to the system. I can use the Spotify app on my mobile phone, but thanks to Spotify free I cannot choose which song I want to hear, but only play it randomly from playlists. So I don’t use the Spotify app, but some other app to connect the PC to the mobile phone. This should work best via the local network, as my PC (due to the lack of driver updates) does not have a working Bluetooth or WiFi interface.

I use Windows 8.1 and Android by the way.

I hope someone can help me 😉

I got in-ear headphones from my brother, but somehow the volume is always at maximum, and my ears also hurt.

Unfortunately, I can’t control the volume from my cell phone, and I haven’t found out how to do it with headphones.

Can someone help?

(“I7-TWS” stands for the Bluetooth connection)

I connected boxes to the TV via the headphone input, now the volume control via the remote control no longer works, I wanted to ask if you can switch something or something else to solve the problem.

Thanks and mfg.

Hey, I have a FireTV Stick and a Bluetooth speaker from JBL, the devices are both paired with each other. Now I wanted to ask whether I can change the loudspeaker volume with the FireTV remote control via Bluetooth connection. Unfortunately I didn’t see a setting / normal volume buttons on the remote control don’t do anything either 🙁 so at the moment I can only change the volume on the speaker itself.

Is there a solution?

Hello, I always have the problem that when I play music from Spotify on my bluetooth speakers and then someone calls the call on the bluetoth speakers and the music at the same time.

Now the question arises:

Can the audio from spotify somehow continue to run on the bluetooth speaker but the phone call can be output on the cell phone speaker?

Does anyone know whether it is possible to have Spotify play over the PC speakers and over a Bluetooth box (connected to a mobile phone) at the same time? When I try the online, the music on a device always pauses and offline there is no possibility of coupling (I would like to run the same to expand the system, so to speak).

Thanks in advance!

Is that possible somehow because the music always goes off or pauses greetings.

I have a sony system and it used to be extremely loud, but since Samsung brought the update where the volume on the system gets louder when I use the cell phone to make it louder, it is no longer as loud it is easily 80 times less than did it go earlier? What can I do about it? This volume synchronization has been removed by Samsung, is that the problem? I hope you understand me and can help me 🙂

The following problem: I have connected my new Telefunken Smart TV to my AEG system and let the TV sound run through it (not through the headphone output, but through “Line-Up”). Everything works wonderfully, but the volume is not optimal. I can only control the volume via the remote control of my system, which in itself is not that bad.

But when I go from volume 0 to 1 it is very loud straight away. But when I increase it to 2 and 3 or so it gets louder in much smaller steps. Can I somehow adjust that it is not that loud? Or that the steps (also from 0 to 1) take place in smaller “steps” ?? Thank you in advance =)

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