Do you listen to anime music in your free time?


Do you listen to music from anime in your spare time?

If so, what is mostly heard, Openings / Endings or OST?

And what percentage of anime music is heard compared to other music genres??

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Mostly openings, more rarely endings or character songs, now and then songs that don’t belong to any anime.

I hear about 91% of Japanese music, in contrast to other languages. Otherwise English, Chinese, Russian.

Yes, I listen to a lot of anime music in my spare time.

Most of the time it is more OPs or EDs, very rarely OSTs.

I can’t say the exact percentage, I agree to 40% ?! Most of the time, I tend to actively listen to music in English (e.g. rap).

Already and most of them are openings and osts but I don’t pay much attention to them.

From the percentage number. probably around 20%. I mean, I don’t pay much attention to it and usually I just open any playlist on YouTube, but well, about.

From Your Name “Kataware Doki” and “Sparkles”.

The fight theme from One Punch Man from Saitama and the fight theme from Genos.

But those are the only ones, at least in my playlist.

On YouTube I occasionally hear individual tracks from the soundtrack of various Ghibli films, e.g. My neighbor Totoro.

Now and then, but rarely. If then OST’s or openings, endings rather less. At the moment the newest OST from BNHA, “Might + U”.

similar questions.

I really enjoy listening to Anime Openings / Endings and I just wanted to briefly ask what your favorites are.

Does anyone know of a streaming provider that focuses on anime openings / endings etc. Or a website where you can somehow download the songs. I usually listen to music on Spotify, but there are almost no anime songs and if so, then covered. And please don’t say Youtube or something 🙏🏻

What are the worst anime openings you have ever seen / heard.

I have a question that interests me all the time and I only hear anime openings and endings (full ver. Always) and I wonder what kind of music genre it has so I think something like J-Pop but maybe if I’m wrong, someone could help me?

I plan to upload various openings and possibly endings in Full HD on my channel.

Is this allowed? Is something like that allowed for monetization at all??

Hiho. I wanted to know what Ova’s are from anime, so as I’ve heard it means that the 2 seasons of anime mostly bring .. that’s true?

Does anyone know of other good anime openings and / or endings that are not already in my playlist?

Please do not answer with “Anime Openings” ._.

I’m interested.

Please write down only 1 ending and only 1 opening.

Hey so my question would be what are your favorite openings and endings. Please don’t make a list, just write down 1 ending and 1 opening. I need a couple for my playlist Thank you!

I’m looking for a few Sad Anime Openings or Ost, such as (Secret base from Anohana or Again & again from Plastic Memories) I would appreciate a few suggestions.

I was just so interested :).

Is there a reason why they 1:30 min. take a long time ?

I like to watch animes on and anime loads, but mostly on anime loads. But at the moment the site somehow doesn’t work. It says something with error and gateway doesn’t work or something.

Know what that means and what you are there can do? Thanks in advance: 3.

I want to watch anime again, but since I have little free time, I’m looking for an anime with around 10-50 episodes. What can you recommend me ?

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