Find cheap Doc Martens or similar shoes!


Find cheap Doc Martens or similar shoes!

Hello, I’m looking for a site where there are cheap doc martens, or shoes that look very similar. they shouldn’t cost much more than € 80. if possible with (free) return shipping! Thank you.

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I had to laugh outright at the question. The shoes are the same price everywhere. If not, it is most likely counterfeit. Since Doc Martens is unfortunately now in Thailand, the price may be minimized there. If any.

But I’ll give you a tip: Better buy some at the right price, because you’ll wear them for up to 10 years. In contrast to copying or cheaper, as the quality is usually not really right. So, real Docs or none at all.

has now done anyway, because I now have real ones :). are great :)) was only away from my mother because she didn’t want me to spend so much money on shoes at first: D.

but thanks to everyone for the answers;)

similar questions.

i’m looking for shoes that look like doc martens. real doc martens are a bit too expensive for me and i live in munich. answer would be nice 🙂

Are Doc Martens shoes winter and suitable for snow?

Hello! I think doc martens shoes are very cute, but my mother says these shoes are Nazi shoes. I hate Hitler, but I love these shoes. do you think i can buy them?

Are those Nazi shoes at all??

Please answer me! 🙂

I love Doc Martens and would like to have some myself, they go really well with my style and I fell in love with the brand some time ago. The problem (and anyone who’s looked at the prices knows what I’m talking about), Doc Martens are pig-expensive and I don’t have € 150 for a pair of shoes easily (not even when I buy some regularly). The second problem, I am underage and have no additional income (except pocket money) and therefore I actually depend on my parents.

My dad would even buy me new shoes because I need winter boots anyway, but € 150 is too expensive even for him and I don’t want to burden him with such a price. For him, the pain threshold is around 60 € and for me around 20 € (should I buy it myself).

Now I ask if anyone knows of any good, inexpensive alternatives to Doc Martens that look as similar / style as possible. (If possible, without a zipper on the side, because I always break it immediately xD).

Thanks in advance and a happy new one! (:

These shoes are somehow much too expensive .. do you know similar ones that are a bit cheaper or cheaper?

Thanks in advance.. (:

Hello, I’m desperate, looking for black, matt orignal Doc Martens that are vegan and inexpensive. In size 38.

Thank you, because so far I haven’t found anything good..😒😣

. I often see them in pictures, but unfortunately I don’t have a sample image. The Martens are somehow too crass and bulky for me, but there are similar ones without a yellow seam. Does anyone know what they are called, how I can look for them or even where I can get them? Well, I mean something that is already so bulky, just not that blatant! No Rangers either.

It would be great if someone knew.

Hello, I would like to get Doc Martens shoes .. but have a problem with the fact that they are made of real leather .. Are there alternatives / versions without leather?

Hello, maybe someone knows where you can buy Doctor Martens shoes?

Hey I have purple paint Doc Martens and somehow regret the color completely. Is there any way to paint the black or dark? Kind regards E&J.

where does the Doc Martens boots come from as cheap imitations??

I would like to buy neon green Doc Martens. Maybe one of you knows where you can buy these shoes on the internet? Would be very nice for a few tips .

I’m looking for lace-up boots that look something like Dr Martens, but they shouldn’t be as chunky, i.e. not have as thick a sole as Dr Martens and also cost less than 50 €. Which brand does not matter. Shoes should preferably also be available in black.

What are these shoes called? They should look the same. Not with just 3 holes for shoelaces, but just like that.

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