Having sex at 13?


Sex thoughts at age 13?

Hey, I’m M13 and I often have sex thoughts sometimes with girls sometimes with men even though I’m not into men what does that mean am I gay? And is it normal to have sex thoughts at 13??

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Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. In puberty you are keen to experiment and still research your sexuality. You really don’t have to worry at all.

I hope I could help you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

Well, I think you’ll get curious, and gender doesn’t play that big a role at first.

You are entering puberty, there are often fluctuations in what you are into and even if you would like men, it does not matter, just because today’s generation regards such words as gay as a dirty word.

I agree with you because I have a lot of friends who are pan, a, bi, gay, lesbian and I don’t think it’s bad, sometimes it’s really funny with them and yes, I’m 16 years old and you have to slowly accept that people are : )

Mh so I think everyone has that at this age, because you come in puberty and if you have such thoughts with boys and girls, it probably means that you are bi-sexual .

Is normal at 13.

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Hello, my name is m13. I went to the swimming pool today and saw a girl my age. I thought: she has a really great ass and somehow wanted to have sex with her.

Is that normal at 13?

Hey :). I realized when I was 16 or so that I was quite into men sexually. There were certainly women whom I find attractive, but my porn history was shaped by men. Even if I had never fallen in love, I still thought that I only like men.

However, now I believe that I have fallen in love with a woman because I can’t get her out of my head.

But does that even make sense? Because in my mind, I find sex with men more exciting than sex with a woman.

So maybe I just kind of imagined it?

Hello dear people,

I recently turned 13 and am in puberty. Actually, I’m into girls, but every now and then I have such thoughts that I want to suck my buddy (I’ve never done anything like this and I don’t feel gay either, I just find that interesting) every now and then a friend comes to stay overnight me and then we talk about things like penises, sex, girls (I’m 13 he’s 12 but almost 13) We compared our limbs with each other and touched each other a little because we found that interesting. I also got a latte, although I didn’t feel drawn to him and I’m not interested in boys either. He’s my buddy.

And recently I got an erection at the thought of sucking him. Is that normal? Or am I gay?

And please don’t laugh at me, I want to get serious answers and I’m a little ashamed of myself.

I watch gay videos on Youtube (no sex videos) watch men’s buttocks watch men in everyday life (no stalking) watch gay pictures on Google I often have gay fantasies I have subscribed to a gay Youtuber I want to kiss same-sex / sex – I rarely behave clichéd gay I don’t like a man, but I see many people interested in Men I’m more shy Women have to show up exactly the right ones so that I can at least smile at them I’m less shy with girls Girls don’t trigger anything in me, except when pretty ones appear for me (but must to be really pretty for me), then I look forward to neither limbs nor breasts Don’t know if I like men / women Sex is in the background for me.

I’m W / 15. and stand on older men! Why.

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