Ovulation Syntoms?


Ovulation Syntoms?

I had abdominal pain and a lot of discharge for 2-3 days, that was probably my ovulation or?

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Hello..Symptoms are body signals that appear around the time of ovulation day. They are triggered by hormonal changes, and knowing them is a very good way to contain ovulation. Ovulation symptoms include: a. waking temperature, median pain, LH concentration and quality of cervical mucus.

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Possible. But you can’t say that with 100% certainty.

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Hello I have had abdominal pain for 3 days after ovulation. Most of the pain is in the ovaries. There is also something pulling in the back. Also tighten your chest. Could it be a cyst?

Or does any of you know that. It started with a sting in the ovary or groin area.

Hey, I heard that if you have sex a few days before ovulation, it will most likely be a girl and on the day of ovulation it will be a boy. Can you share your experiences with me? Does it fit you?

And use your Ovus to determine ovulation?

I’ve been taking the pill for a year and of course I know that it prevents ovulation. I had sexual intercourse on my “ovulation day” (it didn’t come inside of me) and always take the pill regularly. But for 2 days I have had a very, very strange feeling in my abdomen and am worried. Can someone help me? 🙂

I should have got my days yesterday and have had abdominal pain and very sensitive breasts for a few days. Yesterday I also had a light smear of blood in my underpants, but so far the discharge is only yellowish whitish and tough. About 14 days ago I also ovulated, which I also noticed because I feel the middle pain.

It makes me quite aggressive that I have slight abdominal pain and my breasts are tender but my period has still not started. But then I can be sure that it could start in the next few days ?

Hello people, I have a question, and I ovulated yesterday on September 18 and also had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend.

How high is the probability that I have become pregnant.

Hello! I should have had my period 10 days ago, but haven’t. Still, I have abdominal pain and white discharge every day.

I’m not pregnant, because I’m a virgin Someone has an idea why that is?

i had sex with my partner last night and today. This one has pretty weak sperm. We do not prevent.

I ovulated yesterday, but today I notice the severe pain.

Would it be possible that I got pregnant from the pleasure drops during my ovulation, despite that my partner has weak sperm?

You can also have a creamy (nevertheless increased) discharge during ovulation instead of the glassy, ​​liquid one ?

Hey So my girlfriend has brown discharge on ovulation day. I rule out pregnancy because implantation does not yet occur on ovulation day and there is no implantation bleeding.

She would have had more pain during sex and was bleeding easily. What do you think it is? Does she have an injury in her vagina and that is very dangerous?

Is it true that when you get a creamy, somewhat spinnable and lumpy discharge, an icing has taken place or have I misunderstood that??

Hello. My question is whether there are any signs that ovulation has occurred? Because I don’t know if the app can trust Flo. If so, what are these signs?

Abdominal pain etc belong to it?

Hey so I’ve had such a white slimy discharge from my vagina for a few days and it always feels wet or damp. I also have lower abdominal pain. It feels like I’m getting my days but I only had them 1 week ago !! What could that be?

I had unprotected sex without a condom or birth control. We had vaginal sex briefly, but he didn’t come, but he probably had lust drops. Immediately afterwards I drove to the pharmacy and got and took the morning-after pill. I am now afraid that this will not work and that I will get pregnant because I am not sure about my ovulation. I have no typical ovulation characteristics and no sticky discharge that will make you spin.

Ask for help I’m on my nerves.

the morning-after pill is supposed to delay ovulation. Approximately how many days is it delayed? And then the fertile days are postponed?

Besides, you can only get pregnant on the day of ovulation, so not directly during the fertile days? (I know that sperm can survive longer, up to seven days) So that means you couldn’t get pregnant if the sperm survived until the first fertile day, right??

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