Pregnant on parental leave?


Pregnant on parental leave?

We had our baby 9 months ago and today we learned that we can look forward to the second child.

My wife is currently on parental leave. (Until September 2021)

We will probably have our baby (December 2020) on Die Welt.

We will receive parental allowance until (Nov. 2020)

Since my wife works in nursing, your employer will immediately release her if she is pregnant.

So my question.

Would it make sense to end the parental allowance (parental leave) early enough that an employment ban is called and we are paid in full until the new maternity leave.

(We definitely have to quit early so that maternity benefit is paid. (We know that)

Or what suggestions do you have?

Thanks in advance.

1 answer.

Sorry, I have to say that now. It means not being born. That sounds really strange.

Honestly, what do you want to say to the boss? Do you want to say that she is pregnant? Then, as the boss, I would certainly not say that she can come back sooner. If you keep it silent, it’s really messed up. In all honesty, you should obviously have a second child now, because one thinks more about how to do it financially.

The way you plan it, it’s really not morally OK! With women like that, one needn’t be surprised that bosses still have reservations about women.

Above all, she didn’t even work there after her apprenticeship and now you want to pull something like that off. Congratulation! Top employee.

The answer, of course, wasn’t helpful at all.

We have already informed the employer. So he knows.

We just want to know what our rights are, if something is legally wrong, we won’t do it anyway.

And again as information to you.

The employer is insured for such cases.

similar questions.

My son was born on November 6th, 2016. I received parental allowance for 1 year and am on 3 years of parental leave (until November 2019).

I did not work during parental leave and am now pregnant again with child no.2. The planned delivery date is August 22, 2018.

Will I still receive maternity benefit from the AG even though I have not worked since the birth of my first child? What about parental allowance?

And how would you roughly calculate the whole thing mathematically??

Thanks for your help ever.

Hello everyone, Our daughter was born on March 29th, 2017 and I’m on parental leave until April 1st, 2018. My husband and I would now like to get pregnant again so that the sibling will be born next year, depending on how quickly it breaks, I would then go from parental leave to maternity leave or work a few more months. How is the parental allowance calculated then?

So do the last 12 months also count the months in which I received parental allowance or the months before the first child’s parental leave? I can’t see through πŸ™ˆ

Thank you for your answers πŸ™‚

Hello my dears,

as this is quite a complex subject, here’s the question for you! You got any kind of experiences with it?

I am currently five months pregnant with my first child. (Still in the employment ban, as a nursing profession)

I will take 2 years of parental leave (Elterngeld Plus). Assuming I get pregnant again during parental leave, how would that affect the parental allowance? After two years, will I get parental allowance based on my full salary or only the minimum rate??

Thank you in advance for your answers 😊

I assumed that after the maternity protection period (i.e. roughly from the 3rd month of the baby’s life) you will receive parental allowance for 12 months, i.e. after the birth for 2 months maternity allowance and then parental allowance up to the 14th month of life.

Now a friend told me that after the 2 months of maternity leave after the birth, you only get 10 months of parental allowance, i.e. until the baby’s 1st birthday.

But it always means that you get 12 months of parental allowance. that would be crappy ?! πŸ˜‰

It would be nice if someone answers who can say from practice how things are actually going. Thank you!

Hello parents!

My wife is pregnant and will give birth in early July. It is the first child.

How about the parental allowance? There are a total of max. 14 months to; however, one parent (here my wife) may only receive parental allowance up to the child’s 12th month. In the 13th and 14th month of life (as a father) I could still get 2 months of parental allowance if I wanted to.


Which combination would be best if you wanted to fully exhaust the possibilities?

Wouldn’t it make sense if my wife only applies for parental allowance after the 2 months of maternity allowance (then only for 10 months)? After that the child is already 12 months old.

So there were 4 months left for me to apply for during this period (e.g. between the 10th and 14th month of the child’s life)?

Is this possible. There would then be a distinction. My wife and I would then be at home for 2 months (namely in the 11th and 12th month of the child’s life).

Or does it make more sense if my wife applies for parental allowance for 12 months after the child is born, even though she is on maternity leave for the first two months anyway. Wouldn’t that be a waste of 2 months?

It is our aim to be released from work for as long as possible and to receive parental allowance or maternity allowance.

Does someone know exactly about it.

Many thanks in advance!

My contract expires in October and will not be extended because I am pregnant and on maternity leave. What kind of money do I get afterwards if I become unemployed? Maternity allowance, parental allowance, Hartz 4?

My wife is going to have a baby soon and there you read about all that maternity allowance is offset against parental allowance.

What exactly does that mean? So is maternity included in the year from which the parental allowance is calculated or how do I understand that??

Receive maternity allowance for a new job and parental allowance beforehand.

I’m a little confused at the moment, and I can’t find a suitable answer on the internet. The point is that I’m pregnant and currently on maternity leave. Our baby isn’t here yet. I live with the child’s father, but we are not married. He works full time.

On the other hand, I was employed part-time until the end of June, then I was given notice because I became pregnant. (Employment ban from February to June, activity was in a nursing home). I already registered with the employment agency and received ALG 1 until the end of August.

I have been on maternity leave since the beginning of September and have been on maternity leave for another 8 weeks.

Now I wanted to ask how it looks with parental allowance? Am I entitled to it after the birth if I nod and work? My partner has it and only wanted to take parental leave for 2 months.

Or do I have to go to work to get parental allowance? I would look forward to your answer.

Hello my love,

I got pregnant last year .

Employment ban until birth.

my son died after giving birth but I had normal maternity leave.

on maternity leave I have now become pregnant again.

sick again for 6 weeks.

and now I’m again banned from employment until I’m 17th week of birth.

1. What is my current ban on employment salary? ?

2. How is my maternity benefit made up? ?

3. and how can I calculate my parental allowance ?

it looks very complicated but it just repeats itself. only then is the money the same or my income changes due to the 2nd pregnancy ?

thank you already lg Claudi.

I am currently a housewife and will therefore not receive any maternity benefit from the health insurance company. Since I was working for the previous child and received maternity allowance before and after the birth of my son, the parental allowance was only available after the 8 weeks of maternity allowance. How is it now?

As a housewife, I am entitled to € 300 parental allowance for 2 years, but when is it paid, from birth or after 8 weeks?

Hello my dears,

hope someone knows about the subject of parental allowance.

I have a daughter who was born in June 2018 and will receive parental allowance until mid-June 2019 (1 year parental leave).

Now I’m pregnant for the second time and will have my 2nd child in November 2019. Unfortunately, I will not be able to work due to my health and have been completely banned from working.

I will continue to get my salary that I got before parental leave until maternity leave.

Now my question is how the parental allowance is calculated ?

In the 12 months before the expected birth of the second child, I received about 7 months of parental benefit, almost 4 months of salary and 6 weeks of maternity leave benefit.

I hope someone can help me and it is understandable what I have written.

Assumption: both parents receive the maximum parental allowance of 1,800 €

For the first 8 weeks after the child is born, the maternity allowance is fully offset against the parental allowance (Section 3 (1) BEEG). Usually mothers take 12 months of parental allowance, whereas fathers take 2 months. This is a total of 14 months of basic parental allowance.

Mathematically, that’s around.

14 x 1,800 – 2 x 1,800 (maternity benefit) = € 21,600

Here comes the question – is it allowed to swap the first basic parental allowance month for two parental allowance plus months (only 900 €)? That would mean “only” losing 2 x € 900 through maternity allowance.

Here’s an example:

That adds up to around: 13 x 1,800 = € 23,400

and an extra month with the child πŸ™‚

How does it work if you have another baby shortly before the end of parental leave?

Is there protection against dismissal at work for three more years??

If you get 3 years of parental allowance again?

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