Seating at school during a pandemic?


School seating during a pandemic?

A teacher admonished me today because I sat down with a chair .

And here the question is in the school code that seating must be available for the students, even during a pandemic?

Or do you have to stand for a break?

2 answers.

There is no “school code”.

Otherwise the school has domiciliary rights. And no, there is no right to sit in a chair during the break.

There is no need to be able to sit during the break.

similar questions.

What do teachers do in the staff room during break apart from preparing lessons? If they gossip about students, or if they have a ‘problem child’, they also talk about the student’s private life?

Halluu, there has been a discussion about seating and lounges in my school for a long time. The upper level is particularly affected and only has a single room for 3 levels. In the rest of the building there are only a few benches and mainly benches for the lower classes (5-9).

During a conversation, a fire order was addressed, which is supposed to prohibit certain types of chairs and benches and even limit the number of seats. My question is, does the school have to offer seating, can staying in certain places be forbidden for no reason and are there such fire protection regulations? Thanks in advance 🙂

our physics teacher has a sequence that all students must follow.

We are only allowed in when he waves, then have to sit down directly on the square, are not allowed to talk (although there is still a break), have to write down our questions and the lesson begins.

I don’t mind (except that we are not allowed to talk even though there is a break).

When I came in today, I was still talking to my boyfriend because I wasn’t aware that we weren’t allowed to talk. He then ordered me to leave the room and play everything over again.

Is this allowed? In my opinion, he shows me off in front of the other students.

Sincerely yours.

Can the school take the students to the court break? It was never the case with us that the students had to go out, but whoever wanted was allowed to stay in the auditorium. At the moment, the teachers are shooing us out, threatening to expel us, and the headmistress is always in the auditorium and makes sure that no one comes in with the weather.

The teachers are also annoyed that they have to, after all, they spend their entire break there rum and chase students around.

Can the school do that? Can you do anything about it??

I have no friends at my school and am always alone during breaks. We are not allowed to be in the school house during the break and there are students everywhere. What can I do during the break so that I’m not so alone?

Hello today, my girlfriend passed out again during the 2 minute break in physical education and the teacher said while she was still passed out: “That will be too much for me then she is no longer allowed to participate in any sport”. Teachers are allowed to exclude students from classes because of something like that??

two students are obviously hostile to each other during the lesson and they also briefly fought before you came or would you go out anyway? Why?

May a teacher send a student home during class to retrieve a book if the student has forgotten it. I think the teacher has a duty to supervise .

Hello, I have a question and although a teacher is allowed to leave the student in class (because of juggling)

Well, me and a couple of friends came to class 3 minutes late, and she locked the class up so we had to wait outside. Now the question is, can she do that??

Hello. If a student is copying a homework assignment (e.g. Spanish) from another student during class (e.g.

English) and is caught, can the teacher take the sheets with him? Thank you 🙂

I have a couple of questions about student rights and what teachers are allowed to do. I am of age and at a vocational school.

There is “trash” on the floor, no culprit. May the teacher “force” a student to remove this garbage against his will?

Can the teacher punish the whole class if only one person disturbs the class??

Can the teacher continue the lesson during the break (20 min)? Without the consent of the students.

Can the teacher make “two-dimensional” hints that offend the student? E.g. because of the appearance of a student.

Teachers usually take the student’s cell phone away when it rings, etc. Are teachers allowed to simply use their cell phones in class, etc.. ?

May teachers (as long as nothing is regulated in the school rules) force the students to wear their headgear, for example. To take off a hat or jacket?

So I think that’s it for now ^^

Assuming you are a teacher, what excuse would you let pass if you caught your student on the cell phone during the exam.

At my school it is the case that students who are caught with the cell phone, depending on the teacher, either receive a warning or have to hand over their cell phone directly by the end of school. We enforce this very consistently. You even get in trouble if you even check the time.

By the way, I go to a comprehensive school in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with around 600 students.

How is that regulated at your school? And please write what kind of school you go to and in which state it is.

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