Should I change my circle of friends because they are not religious?


Should I change my circle of friends because they are not religious?

Many of my friends have no faith in God / Allah and that’s how they live. Two of my friends are Christians but also drink alcohol and have relationships. I’ve stayed away from these things since I converted to Islam, but interests become too diverse. Should I stay away and seek out other girls?

We have known each other for a long time, but my heart is not happy with the situation and they keep joking about me because I follow and practice Islam.

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I am happy to read that you found the right path. I ask Allah s.w.t to support you on this.

A close friendship, with someone who is not a Muslim, is often difficult in reality because, as you have already correctly recognized, on the one hand the interests are often too different and on the other hand the lifestyles cannot be reconciled. This should not mean that it is impossible, but it is unthinkable that a Muslim has people in his circle of friends who value alcohol, regular parties (and other things that Allah has forbidden with good reason). However, good interaction with any kind of person should be a matter of course for a Muslim.

Here I would like to briefly note that a Muslim should always focus on being successful in this life as well as in the next. A successful lifestyle in the next life does not allow to disobey Allah’s commandments and a successful lifestyle in this life does not allow harm to one’s body and senseless waste of time. I can only advise you to look for friends who influence you positively (both in terms of your beliefs and other things) and who value their health and their time themselves. This is not all too often the case with today’s youth and young adults.

In addition, you mentioned that they raise them because of your decision, which is not objectionable. This absolutely does not speak for your friends.

In no case should you underestimate the influence that your circle of friends can have on you, so choose carefully with whom you surround yourself.

My advice regarding your situation is: make new friends. This can be difficult, especially if the friendship has been around for a long time. However, there is no point in denying facts and obsessively maintaining a friendship that cannot work anyway.

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