Should I take a cat out of the shelter?


Should I take a cat out of the shelter??

On September 10th or 11th, our 1 year old cat Hannah died suddenly. She was just lying dead under the garden table. She could hardly have got hold of poison, because our neighbors almost all have cats and have always found our little one very cute because she was very small, round for her age and had a birth defect on her tail.

She was so special! We definitely want to bring a new cat to us. It has to be female, because our cat would hardly get along with a new one. This risk is too high because we don’t want to have to give up the new animal again.

It should also not be older than 1 1/2 years. That being said, we just don’t know where to get our cat from. Should we go to private people who have young kittens, or should we drive to the animal shelter and get a (kitten) from there?

What are the risks of deep-home cats? Are there really big differences, e.g. Behavior disorders.

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Why do people always think that shelter animals are disordered? The employees there look after these animals so lovingly. . If an animal is really something different than normal, then it is up to the previous owner. But cats are often given up because the person has suddenly developed an allergy, because he has to move and is not allowed to keep cats, because he comes to an old people’s home, or even because the person has died. These cats have been treated just as lovingly beforehand as you would. Or a cat has had kittens who have become too many for the owner.

Or the kittens were collected somewhere in a garden. There are so many “Oders”. I have had cats for over 30 years, all of them only from the shelter.

Many animal shelters are also in foster families. You don’t have to believe that the cats are cage by cage, penned up. They are kept in the normal way in rooms, petted, fed, etc. In addition, animal shelter cats are generally healthy, as the animals are all treated by a veterinarian. There is no animal there that has not yet seen a vet.

It can look very different with a private agency. Often everything has to be done: deworming, lice remedies, vaccinations, etc. At the animal shelter, everything is already done according to the age of the cat. PLEASE TAKE A SHELTER ANIMAL.

There are also just enough kittens.

Maybe you are from Baden-Württemberg. Then have a look here: By the way, animal shelters make sure that the animals come to a good home. They check it out.

A private broker is less likely to do that. The shelters also check whether the small cats are neutered at 6 months. So there is only PLUS for the animal shelters: o)).

I would get a cat from the shelter. You can also find out exactly which of the cats would suit your cat in terms of character. And also one of the right age. Many animals there already know other cats.

They will certainly be able to advise you there. And most of them have already been neutered and vaccinated. There are probably no risks there, you can also test an animal there.

Your hangover will probably hiss at first, but that usually clears up after a few days.

Definitely from the shelter! Describe to the people there how the cat will live with you, then they can recommend one to you! Of course there are some with behavioral disorders. Some come from poor husbandry, others only develop them in the animal shelter!

DH for finding out beforehand!

Definitely look at the shelter. But with neutered animals, two tomcats get along better than cat and tomcat. Good luck with the new kitten.

take a cat from the shelter. many people only want baby cats and if you want to have a cat that is already over 1 year old, then you can take it out of the shelter and give it a good home. you do something good with it. Of course there are also cats there who have behavioral disorders – but they are everywhere! i got my cat from the shelter too. she was really upset. was afraid of being outside, never wanted to go out, was afraid of people and other cats and above all. was certainly beaten back then. but i gave her a chance and now she is almost normal again, thanks to love and attention.

similar questions.

Hello, I have had a young male from the shelter for a week. But he’s really shy, he always hides under my bed and can’t be touched. Is it advisable to get a young, trusting, neutered tomcat that he improves? or a neutered cat or none at all?

We have a 10 year old male, neutered, free-roaming and getting along well with her cat’s neighbor. They’re sitting together on the terrace.

We are or I am considering whether it is possible that our tomcat can cope with a young cat. Because there are so many young cats who are looking for a new home in the animal shelter. Thought this might be possible or our cat is too old for a new cat ?

Hello! We finally decided to get a little cat! But now, of course, the question arises: – When do we get them, i.e. at what time of the year? We thought that it would be nicer for a cat to grow up in spring and summer, because then it could get out more, explore the garden / surroundings. And: It is well known that cats should not be fetched from a pet shop, but rather from an unwanted litter or from the animal shelter.

But do they have YOUNG cats in the shelter anyway?

Thank you for your answers 🙂 Greetings, Eule012.

I want to get a cat from the shelter. I’ve had a hangover before, but not from the shelter. Can someone please explain to me how exactly it works there at the shelter?

You can’t just go there, choose a cat and take it with you, I guess someone will come to my house and see if everything is suitable for the animal, right??

our cat (outdoors, 2 years old) has lived with us for 1 year. We got her from the shelter. Now we have the feeling that she is a little sad when she is alone for a long time during the day.

So we thought that it might be good if we could bring her a little tomcat (4 months old and still in the TH) as a cat buddy. But before that there are a few questions:

How can we tell whether our cat gets along with other cats?

We’re doing something good for our cat if we bring another cat into the house now, after a little over 1 year?

Our cat is very affectionate and needs to be cuddled. Will that not change when she has a cat buddy or will there be jealousy scenes because the cat is also very cuddly.

Please only serious answers and please no assumptions, but empirical answers.

Thank you in advance and greetings from the racing snail.

We have an approx. 7 month old house cat (neutered) from the animal shelter. Since we are all not at home during the day, we are thinking about buying her a partner. He is around 3 months old and also comes from the animal shelter. Is it advisable to get a cat as a partner for our cat?

And does the age difference of 4 months matter? Do you have any tips for socialization? thank you in advance!

we want to get a cat, preferably female. in the shelter … we just ask ourselves whether the cats are neutered there? We think so or ??

Our two free-range cats were stolen and I suspect they were given to the shelter (as ‘strays’). Now I would stop by the animal shelter tomorrow, what should I do if I find her? Can I just take it with me then? Do i have to pay money?

Both are not chipped or tattooed, but vaccinated.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any helpful reports on the Internet. Many believe that a tomcat would be a much better match for a cat, others (including many) believe that same-sex relationships should be sought in cats, i.e. Cat and cat or hangover and hangover.

Does that mean that it doesn’t really matter what gender the second cat is, as long as the character fits?

For information in advance, I don’t want just two cats. I want to get more cats in later years (5 years or so). Now I just want to make the best decision for my 1.5 year old cat.

She was shy when I got her. She described the animal shelter as shy and playful. She is also very playful, she also likes to cuddle when she wants to (mostly when she is a little tired). She is quite talkative and was in the shelter in a room with other cats and tomcats.

After several hours of observation, I did not see her cuddle with tomcats or cats there, but she was with other sleeping tomcats and cats.

My cat is scared, definitely not self-confident, not very curious, but very playful.

I think it would be great if my cat had a playmate or someone she would like to cuddle with.

What were your experiences? Cat x cat or cat x hangover? What do you advise me?

Thanks in advance.

Addendum: My cat has been neutered.

I want to get a cat from the shelter, but I heard you shouldn’t keep cats alone. My neighbors have cats (approx. 4 cats in total) these have free access, exactly as mine should get (mine can in / out whenever she wants). Animal shelters usually only refer cats to two or to an existing cat. My question: 1. Can I keep my cat alone (can I go out to neighbor cats)?

2. Would a shelter give me a single cat?

Hello, we want to adopt a cat from the shelter. However, she has all her family and friends there and it would be heartbreaking to just part her from them. A new tomcat would be waiting for her at home with us, but that’s no consolation at first. Many of these cats in the shelter, of course, have siblings and families.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? How do you proceed?

I will move into my own apartment in 4 months and would like to buy a tomcat from the shelter. When looking through the animals I “fell in love” with a tomcat and wanted to ask whether it would be possible to make a reservation for that long or would the animal shelters prefer that the cats be placed as soon as possible? The tomcat has been in the shelter for about 2 months.

I want to get 2 kittens.

I have recently started working at the animal shelter (voluntarily) with the cats. There I will choose 2.

However, they were not with the mother every 12 weeks, as is usual with foundlings etc. However, it is important that you are with mom as long as possible. Sometimes that doesn’t work, unfortunately.

Does anyone have animal shelter kittens, do they have behavioral disorders, etc.?

It is important to me that my future cuties don’t get aggressive or anything like that.

Thanks in advance for your answers! 🙂

I and my mother thought about getting a third cat from the shelter, because we have a lot of fun with our current 2 cats (both 1 year old and pedigree cats) and get along with them really well.

But my father said that a third cat costs too much money. Because then he said we would have to buy twice as much feed again and that strains the wallet. And he also said that 2 cats are always enough and crazy people keep more than 2 cats.

How can I convince my father of this? Will the costs really get higher if you bring us a 3 cat from the shelter? ?

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